Changing Named User Assignments

Changing Named User Assignments

Changing Named User Assignments

This guide will briefly show you how to change who the named Licenses are assigned to within Therefore. You will need access to the Therefore Solution Designer as an administrator in order to make the changes to these licenses.

How to change named user licenses

  1. Open the Therefore Solution Designer
  2. Right-click "Therefore" and select "License..."

  1. Select the "Named Users" tab

  1. Select "Add..."

  1. Search for the relevant users and double-click them to select them
  2. Once all users have been selected, press "OK"

  1. Select "Apply" to confirm the changes

You may also need to restart the Therefore Server Service in order for this to fully apply.

Once the Therefore Server Service has been restarted, the named licenses will be fully applied to the specified users and they will be able to access Therefore without the need to share a license with other users.

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